Event Horizon

In Event Horizon, the Captain, a middle-aged man in a pilot’s uniform, addresses the audience as if they were passengers on a vehicle traveling in space, telling them that soon they will be arriving at the Event Horizon, the end of the observable universe, from which nothing can return.  Although all hopes and choices end, he says, they may draw some comfort knowing that somewhere in the Event Horizon there is everything that ever existed.  He says they are probably asking themselves why they didn’t have more sexual intercourse when they had the chance, but, he says, it would have been over before they knew what was happening, like everything else in their lives.  He does, however, thank the Flight Attendant, Sally, for a “magical layover” in Toledo.  He tells the passengers that they have always been completely at the mercy of circumstances far beyond their control or comprehension, that they have always lived on the edge of an abyss, in darkness, where every day is Judgement Day.  He hopes they have had a pleasant journey and as he is wishing them luck and thanking them, his voice stops and the lights black out.

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