Short(er) Plays

Andromeda Chained Naked to Her Rock (January 2009)

Annabel Lee (April 2014), one man and one woman

Appledorn (August 2011)

The Art of the Fugue (June 2017)

Babylon (July 2009)

The Baltic Sea

Barbary Fox (July 2009)

Borneo (May 2011)

Cape Cod (September 2020)

Captain Rockets versus the Intergalactic Brain-eaters (June 2012)

Charlie and the Siberian Monkey Goddess (May 2015), two women

Creatrix (October 2007)

Curse of the Wolf Man (May 2015), five actors

Dead Men Grinning at the Moon (September 2020)

Darkpool (May 2011)

Don Giovanni (June 2010)

Draw a Face, Win a Pig (May 2011)

Drury Lane (October 2007)

Emotion Memory (January 2009)

The Empress Dowager at the Flop House (June 2017)

Exposition (June 2010)

A Fellow of Infinite Jest (June 2010)

Film Noir (November 2006)

Front Porch (May 2015), two men

Fundevogel (November 2006)

Funhouse (December 2011)

Further Adventures of Tom and Huck (October 2007)

The Gatekeeper (May 2011)

Gazebo (November 2006)

Goat (November 2008)

Grand Cayman (July 2009)

Ghostland (July 2009)

Glockenspiel (April 2014)

Gorgons (November 2006)

Grand Central Station (May 2015), one man and one woman

Grim Lake (August 2011)

Hagridden (November 2006)

Hallucination (May 2015), three actors

Hologram (August 2011)

Humpty Dumpty (February 2018)

Inside, Touched, Holes, and Cleanliness (September 2020)

In the Forest of Gone (May 2015), two women

Lamp Post (January 2014)

The Last of the Dutch Hotel (November 2006)

Landru (April 2014)

Le Fanu’s Dream (December 2011)

A Legacy for the Mad (July 2008)

Letters from Quebec to Providence in the Rain (July 2008)

Lightning Rods (November 2006)

Loopy Rye (June 2010)

Machiavelli (June 2012)

Marilyn Gets Ice Cream (November 2008)

Mata Hari (September 2013)

Midsummer (December 2011)

Mind the Gap (June 2010)

The Mulberry Tree Variations (November 2008)

Murder in the Red Barn (May 2011)

Mysterium (June 2010)

New Year’s Eve at the Flowers Boarding Hotel (June 2010)

Nictzin Dyalhis (February 2018)

Night (August 2011)

Orchard Hill (December 2011)

The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter (July 2009)

The Passion of Merlin and Vivien in the Forest of Broceliande (July 2008)

Pentecost (January 2014)

Pianos (May 2011)

Pinocchio (February 2018)

Pirandello (February 2018)

Plum Pudding (July 2009)

Popcorn at the Odessa (July 2017)

Praying Mantis (August 2011)

Rainy Night at Lindy’s (November 2008)

Rasputin (November 2005)

Ravished (January 2009)

The Recollection of Green Rain (February 2018)

The Red Ettin (December 2011)

Relativity (May 2011)

Rusalka (February 2018)

Rwanda (November 2006)

Sleigh Ride (June 2012)

So This Is The Elephants’ Burial Ground (November 2008)

Spot Has a Big Red Ball (September 2020), three men and four women

Traven (April 2014), one man and one woman

Under the Pomegranate Trees (November 2008)

Verona (May 2015), one man and one woman

The Watchers (November 2006)

What Shall I Do for Pretty Girls? (July 2008)

William Roach at Valley Forge (January 2009)

The Wind Among the Reeds (November 2006)

Wraith (June 2010)

Zombie Radio (January 2014)