Grand Central Station

We hear the sounds of a large railroad station as Juliet, 29, and Ben, 64, talk in Grand Central Station.  Juliet tells Ben that the name was changed to Terminal in 1913.  She explains that a station is a node in the labyrinth, a place you pass through, but a terminal is the center of the labyrinth, the end of the line.  She tells him the building is a work of art that is being constantly rebuilt, like a living cathedral.  She says it is a place as full of ghosts as any place in the world, a place that inspires an eerie sense of the tremendous mystery of things.  She ask who Ben is waiting for but he can’t remember that person’s name.  She says that she seems very familiar to him and calls him by his name, saying that she is the person he is there to meet.  He asks if he is dreaming, and she says that he is among friends, that there are spirits everywhere, gathering at the terminal. And now, she says, it is time to go.  We hear murmuring voices and footsteps as the light fades and goes out.

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