Under the Pomegranate Trees

Patty, a 19-year-old blonde, and Sharon, a 19-year-old brunette, are wearing swim suits as they sit in lawn chairs at night in 1968 in the back yard of an apartment near the Arizona State University campus in Under the Pomegranate Trees, a shorter one-act play.  They talk about playing near a long row of pomegranate trees near the athletic fields where a girl named Cindy liked to tease the boys by pulling up her skirt.  Sharon reminds Patty that she swam naked with some boys and Patty says that she was pretending to be Marilyn (Monroe).  They speak of a Mrs. Cain who, Sharon says, tried to run her over with her car because she was jealous of her relationship with Ben.  Patty says that Ben loved her and not Sharon.  Patty tells Sharon that one evening she touched Ben “there” as they were sitting under the pomegranate trees and that she knows he will never forget.  Sharon begins to cry and we hear the sound of an ice cream truck playing “The Band Played On.” Patty talks about the excitement of having power over someone and asks Sharon if she would like her to touch her so that she would always remember being under the pomegranate trees.

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