Zombie Radio

In Zombie Radio, Meredith Cherry, 17, and Jim Rainey, 18, are sitting on a sofa, facing downstage towards an invisible black and white television set.  The light from the tv is the only illumination.  They are watching an early thirties horror movie.  He complains about her eating a peach and she says she has been getting weird cravings and thinks she is hearing radio broadcasts and has been having disturbing nightmares.  She says that there are a lot of things going on all around her that she doesn’t quite understand, as if she were a radio with poor reception.  She says she believes in ghosts .  Jim thinks ghosts don’t exist and asks if there is any more beer.  Meredith says she is the babysitter and can’t get drunk and says they shouldn’t have screwed on the sofa because the child, Ben, might have seen them.  Meredith says she can almost remember being somebody else before she was born.  Jim says he has to leave because he is going hunting in the morning.  She tells him he would be a good father but he says he would step in front of the nearest locomotive.  She says she would rather die than get rid of a baby before it was born, and she says she has to tell him something.  As he leaves he tells her that she can come back as a zombie and tell him while she is eating the baby.  We hear faint sounds from the movie but Meredith is listening to something else, asking the voice what she should do.  We hear faint screaming from the movie and the tvlight fades out.

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