The Passion of Merlin and Vivien in the Forest of Broceliande 

The Passion of Merlin and Vivien in the Forest of Broceliande is a short one-act for a man and a woman.  Merlin is not “incredibly ancient” but he is considerably older than Vivien.  We hear the sound of birds and thunder and see leaf shadows as the lights come up on a moss-covered tree stump.  Merlin sits on the stump and takes a drink from a small flask that Vivien offers.  He says he has taught her everything he knows.  She replies that he has made her laugh a thousand times and never took advantage of her.  She says she wants to give him something and Merlin notices that his hands feel like claws and his heels seem rooted to the ground.  She says the potion is beginning to work and he is turning into a tree.  Merlin feels betrayed, but she says that he taught her that trees were holy things and that she needs to be by herself.  Merlin’s arms begin twisting upwards, “palms up, fingers spread like twigs.”  She kisses him and puts the locket he gave her for protection on his upturned claw-like hand.  She leaves and we hear the birds and the rain in the darkness after Merlin says how proud of her he is.

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