Inside, Touched, Holes, and Cleanliness

 Inside, Touched, Holes, and Cleanliness  are very short scripts set in the apartment of Alice and Bob in quarantine.  In Inside, Alice wonders if they will have to stay inside until they die.  She says if God created them then they are like characters in a play or novel and fictional characters die when they realize they are not real.  Bob says that, real or unreal, at least they’ll be together in love.  Like Hell, Alice says, and Bob agrees.  In  Touched, Alice tells Bob not to touch his face or put his fingers anywhere.  She says there will be no more touching and then asks if Bob wants to have sex.  He says yes and she agrees.  In Holes, Bob warns Alice about holes, or portals, empty spaces that they can fall into.  Things can come out of these rips in space-time and eat them.  Alice suggests that Bob crawl into one of those holes and stay there.  She says she actually came out of one of those holes but then she complains that once an idea is put into her brain she can’t get it out, like a song that plays over and over.  She says thanks to Bob she will have to spend the next ten days looking over her shoulder fpr something crawling out of a hole to end reality as she knows it.  She wants him to talk somewhere else but he says he has no place to go, and she agrees.  We hear the sound of a ticking clock as the lights fade and go out.  In Cleanliness, Alice tells Bob her hands are red and cracked because she washes them a lot.  She says nothing is ever clean enough because alien things have come to kill them.  She warns him not to touch her and sprays cleaning fluid into his eyes.  He screams and she tells him to run water in the sink over his face.  She says everything is make of death and it’s better he is blind because he won’t be able to see what’s coming .  She says the only thing they can do is clean and clean until there’s nothing left but bones.  She gets down on her hands and knees and scrubs the floor frantically as the lights fade out.

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