In Creatrix, two teen-age girls, Tiffany and Kimberly, in pajamas with their backs against the end of a bed, stare downstage into the eerie light of a tv set.  We hear the tape they have been watching rewind as Tiffany says they have watched the movie one hundred and thirty-seven times.  Kimberly says the movie makes her happier than anything in the world.  Tiffany says that after you watch the movie so many times you feel as if you made it yourself.  She says no one understands them and that the movie gives them the power to do unspeakable things to the people who order them around.  The girls decide to become the girls in the movie and talk about fantasy lives, deciding that life would be simpler if their mothers were dead.  They say they could put a brick in a stocking and beat Kimberly’s mother over the head with it.  Kimberly thinks this a beautiful story, but Tiffany wants to do it “for real,” to make their own movie.  Kimberly thinks a person would need to believe “very much” to make such a movie.  Tiffany puts Kimberly’s hand on her heart and puts her hand on Kimberly’s heart, asking her if she can feel the “great creatrix of the universe throbbing and seething and writhing beneath our flesh?”  Kimberly wonders where they can get a brick as the light fades and goes out.

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