Draw a Face, Win a Pig

Another two-character play in the Pendragon cycle, Draw a Face, Win a Pig, takes place in the law office of Jacob Armitage, 49, as Mary Casey, 24, accuses her mother of stealing and eating the pig she won at the county fair for drawing the best picture of George Washington.  She wants to sue her mother and father and everyone who ate some of her pig and says she will pay Jacob by allowing him to take certain liberties with her.  She says she has seen him looking at her with lust in his eyes and knows he visits a house of prostitution.  She says she is a virgin but will allow him to take certain negotiated liberties with her in the name of justice because her pig was like a child to her.  She says her father has a barn full of stacked-up pianos and that Jacob’s father drank himself to death so he knows what it is like to be trapped.  Since Jacob will be disbarred if he accepts sexual favors from a client, she says she will accept his proposal of marriage.  He admits he wants to sleep with her and asks, if he marries her, she will forget about the pig.  She says she will take that as a yes.

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