Three men and three women seated on wooden chairs provide the cast and setting for Rwanda.  Each actor has a spotlight that comes up before the actor speaks.  The male characters are Captain (middle-aged), Accused, and Brother; the women are Accuser, Witness, and Mother.  Captain asks Accuser if she sees “him,” and Accused is identified as the killer of her children.  Accused denies the accusation, saying that it is a mistake.  Captain orders him taken away and killed but the light comes up on Witness who says Accused didn’t do it, but she doesn’t know who did.  Accuser says that Witness is Accused’s whore.  Witness then says that she saw her Brother killing the children.  The light comes up on Brother and then on Mother.  Brother denies killing anyone and Mother says Witness hates him and has been in a mental hospital.  Witness agrees that she was in the hospital after she saw what her brother did.  Accuser then agrees with Witness that Brother killed her children.  Captain says that both Accused and Brother will be shot.  The lights go out on them as the Mother pleads with Accuser and Witness to change their stories.  We hear the sound of two gunshots.  Captain says they have a hundred more accusations to deal with before sunset.  If they run out of bullets, they can strangle them.  Accuser says the Captain killed her children, that she can see his killer’s eyes.  Witness invites Accuser to come with her to the Mountains of the Moon where they will drink the warm blood of their children.

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