The set for Babylon is a room “in an old white house” with a big desk, some chairs, and several doors.  The five actors wear dark suits and are named Abe, Rummy, Karl, Georgy, and Dick.  Rummy is sitting at the desk, rubber-stamping pieces of paper, as Abe enters saying he needs to see Georgy.  Rummy offers to help but Abe says he has some concerns about the way things are going, that innocent women and children are being killed.  Rummy says they never should have gone after Georgy’s Dad and calls Sam a fucking psychopath.  He tells Abe not to shit on the carpet and resumes stamping as Karl enters to say that Georgy is coming.  Georgy shakes hands with Abe; Rummy tells Georgy that he is doing a terrific job, and Karl takes Georgy out of the room.  Abe repeats his desire to talk in private with Georgy and Rummy uses the intercom to ask for Dick.  Karl returns with a golf ball for Abe (a gift from Georgy) and Georgy comes back looking for a bathroom, saying that he hasn’t seen Abe for a long time.  Karl goes with Georgy so he won’t get lost on the way to the bathroom.  Dick enters wearing dark glasses and holding a cane.  He sits where there isn’t a chair and falls on his ass.  Rummy moves a chair toward Dick as Dick tells Abe that he really isn’t one of their group.  Georgy comes in, lost again, but Karl takes him out for a meeting.  Dick tells Abe that if he really wants to talk with Georgy he should sit next to him that evening at the theatre.  Dick orders Rummy to give Abe his tickets.  After Abe leaves, Dick tells Rummy that he is going to use Georgy’s tickets and take care of the situation with Abe.  Georgy returns, is told the meeting is over, and says he has been having nightmares.  Dick tells him he should not go to the theatre.  Georgy gives him his tickets and Karl comes in to take Georgy home.  When Rummy tells Dick to enjoy the show, Dick responds, “Rummy, I am the show.”

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