Curse of the Wolf Man

In Curse of the Wolf Man, five actors are having lunch on a movie set in 1941:  Lon (Chaney, Jr.), Maria (Ouspenskaya), Evelyn (Ankers), Claude (Rains), and Bela (Lugosi).  Maria speaks four lines and Lon corrects her.  Claude says he always learns everybody’s lines and Lon wants Evelyn to run lines but Maria says Evelyn is afraid to be alone with him.  Lon asks them what they are doing sitting in the middle of fake woods trying to memorize rubbish about werewolves.  Maria, Claude, and Bela say they need the money and Evelyn says she doesn’t hate Lon, she just doesn’t like to run lines.  Lon tells Maria that no one likes her because she acts like she thinks she’s better than other people.  Claude says the script isn’t that bad and ask Bela if he would like some wine.  In an Arch-Dracularian voice, Bela says, “I never drink—(brief pause)—wine.”  Evelyn says she gets shivers every time she hears him.  Lon apologizes to Bela for calling him a drug addict, but Bela says he is.  Lon admits to drinking too much and says that his father could play any part except himself.  Claude says Lon is quite good and can learn to act while he, Claude, will always have small hands and a rat’s face.  Bela says they want him to play the part of a mad scientist who grows meatballs that come alive, and he says he would play one of the meatballs if they wanted.  Evelyn tells Lon that he scares her when he drinks.  Claude says they are all stuck with what they’ve got and they will do their best to find what truth is there and give that truth as a gift to all those poor unfortunate victims out there sitting in the dark who have no idea what actual horrors are about to descend upon them.  They need to play the roles they were cast in.  Evelyn offers to run lines with Lon and, when he asks her if she will be afraid, she says she will be terrified.

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