The unit set for Darkpool (3m, 1w) includes an office with table and chairs, a bench in a rooftop garden, and the balcony of an apartment.  Dutch, 47, and Mick, 29, overseas operatives of Darkpool, discuss their responsibility for killing people in a war zone.  Mick thinks they will be punished but Dutch assures him they will be protected.  Max, 53, introduces the men to Justine, 30, a lawyer with a specialty in public relations.  Max tells the men that they will be taken care of because working for Darkpool means they are part of God’s family and have a special dispensation to take whatever measures become necessary.  He says democracy is an illusion, and the military are cannon fodder.  Darkpool is the muscle that multi-national corporations use to get and keep power.  Max says that when Jesus comes again he is going to be “one of us.”  After Max walks off, Justine asks Dutch to leave so she can talk with Mick alone.

     She invites Mick to dinner at her place as the lights fade and come up on Dutch and Max in the rooftop garden at night.  Max says that the Christian community needs to be ready to take back America from the secular liberal conspiracy that’s hijacked it.  This great crusade will promote the sovereignty of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  He says Dutch is in trouble because he didn’t follow his orders to neutralize all the inhabitants of a certain house in a certain village.  He warns Dutch about being too arrogant to follow instructions and the scene shifts to Mick and Justine sitting at night on her balcony.  Mick tells her that when he and Dutch were on their way to some little village, Dutch stopped and turned around and headed back, but they got lost and ended up in the middle of a traffic jam, hearing what sounded like hostile fire.  He and Dutch started shooting, thinking there might be suicide bombers.  Justine says she needs to edit his story to help a potential jury or the public in general understand it in a way that doesn’t shed negative light on him.

     In the fourth scene, Mick enters as Dutch is eating breakfast.  Dutch says that Justine’s job is to make sure that Mick won’t say anything that could hurt the company.  Light fades on them and comes up on Justine and Max drinking coffee.  Justine tells Max that she thinks Mick will be all right and Max warns her to be careful.  The scene shifts back to the rooftop garden where Mick tells Justine that, because of a childhood injury, he sometimes thinks he hears bees.  They talk about watching other people sleep and Justine tells Mick he must play the character of an innocent man.  Justine then talks with Dutch, telling him that she doesn’t like him but her job is to help him.  He asks her how long it has been since somebody really fucked her and she slaps him very hard across the face.  He grabs her by the neck and kisses her as Mick enters.  Justine tells Dutch that if he ever does anything like that again she will shoot him.  Mick says that he and Dutch shot real people, women and children and old people.  Max enters and tells Mick that there are no innocent people, just degrees of guilt, and that they are not murderers but global stabilization facilitators.  After Mick and Justine leave, Max tells Dutch that Mick doesn’t know how to play the game and could have an accident.  He also tells Dutch that Justine is his daughter and that the cleaner everything is, the closer one is to God.  Dutch responds that to worship God is to worship chaos and suggests that God wants zombies come back from the dead.  Max narrates how, in a swamp, he stared into a deep, dark pool of water and learned that God is the Devil.  Then he changes the subject by asking Dutch how his daughter is doing in Princeton, pointing out that she would be in financial difficulty if Dutch got sent to prison.  Max says he loves the rooftop garden, but it is so high up that someone might fall, or jump.  Justine enters to say that she can’t find Mick, and Max sends Dutch up to the roof garden to find him, telling his daughter that everything will be taken care of.

     Lights come up on the rooftop garden as Mick tells Dutch that he hopes that he can take Justine away to a nice, quiet place where they could settle down and have a couple of kids.  Mick says he shot those people because he was scared.  Dutch tells him that they will go to prison if he tells the truth, and when Mick says he has to tell the truth he moves to look over the edge of the garden, saying it is a long way down.  Mick thinks he hears bees and the lights fade and go out.

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