The Last of the Dutch Hotel

The Last of the Dutch Hotel is a shorter script for a man and a woman, Harry Cust and Lady de Grey, both a bit past their prime.  They are seated at a table on the terrace of a Dutch seaside resort motel.  It is autumn and we hear the sounds of the ocean and gulls, and “an old scratchy recording of ‘Au fond du temple saint’ from Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers.”  Lady de Grey complains about the sausages they were served for breakfast and notes that some of the guests have disappeared.  Harry says that he has tried to talk with the staff but they don’t seem to speak English or even Dutch.  Lady de Grey doesn’t like the way the waiter with an eye patch looks at her.  Harry doesn’t believe her when she tells him that the summer house where they used to meet has been torn down.  Nor does he believe her when she tells him that an entire wing of the hotel has been abandoned.  Lady de Grey thinks the handwriting of a note she received resembles Harry’s love notes to her years earlier.  The note says:  “Where were you on the 19 of October?”  Neither is sure if that is today.  Lady de Grey says she saw a man that is dead walking by the trees.  She complains about the incessant rain and cold and Harry notices that the bathing machines and life lines have been removed.  Lady de Grey wonders if they have wasted their lives.  She notices something, a seal, a walrus, in the water, but then thinks that two people are copulating.  Harry’s vision is failing but he thinks it is a large mass of seaweed  moved by the tide.  Neither can remember when their affair began and each asks if the other killed Lady de Grey’s first husband.  Harry looks through his spyglass at the object in the water and discovers that the couple is a young version of Lady de Grey and himself.  Taking the spyglass Lady de Grey sees the couple and also a creature moving rapidly toward them.  Harry is preoccupied with the waiter staring at them with something in his hand.  Lady de Grey screams that the monster is dragging the couple into the ocean.  Harry says that the waiter has a meat cleaver.  Lady de Grey says that the monster is devouring the couple and Harry tells her that he thinks he knows what’s on the menu for lunch.

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