Hitchcock Blonde

A young actress speaks to and of Alfred Hitchcock in Hitchcock Blonde, calling him a “fat pig,” “gutter cockney,” “compulsive liar,” and “compulsive thief,” accusing him of spying on her, undressing her when she is unconscious, training birds to peck out her eyes, making her into a caricature of his desire, “the tortured eros of (his) Freudian freak show.”  She says he wants her to love him, but she hates him and he makes all love seem sick.  She wonders why she is trapped with his “fat, ugly face forever leering” at her, his camera raping her.  She calls out for someone to help her, to get her “out of this damned motel,” so she can take “this fucking key” and “gouge out” his eyes.

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