Goose Therapy

     Goose Therapy, for eight actors, presents the characters in the nursery rhyme about the cow jumping over the moon and the dish running away with the spoon.  Mother Goose presides over a discussion to clear the air and better understand what happened and how to prevent such incidents in the future.   Dog blames Cat who says she and Fiddle were playing around when, suddenly, Cow appeared and   jumped completely over the Moon.  Moon says it was traumatic but Cow says she wanted it.  Spoon says the relationship with Dish was to make Moon jealous.  Fiddle wants Dish to go on the road with him, and Mother Goose suggests that Cat may have lingering feelings for Dog.  Cat and Dog argue about eating poop.  Moon doesn’t poop, Cow says it’s fun, Moon says she has seen geese poop, and   Mother Goose shouts at them to stop with the poop.  She is sick of Nursery Rhymes and says they are pointless, that they will never exist and nobody cares.  Moon says it doesn’t matter if they don’t make sense, that as long as they rhyne somebody will remember them.  She thanks Mother Goose who tells them the next session will involve three blind mice.  Moon asks Cow if Cow could teach her to poop, but Cow says pooping is like love—either you do or you don’t.

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