Lamentations of the Bogeyman

The Bogeyman in Lamentations of the Bogeyman speaks to us from the shadows of his unspeakable loneliness, trapped in houses, lurking in the attic.  He says he likes the words to “Stardust” but thinks it is a mistake to sing it too fast.  He wonders how such a song could have been created by a “whorehouse piano player.”  He says the song is about memory and that association leads him to Shelley and his wife who wrote Frankenstein.  He remembers seeing the movie on TV as his babysitter copulated with her “rotten boyfriend.”  He says he is deeply in love with Elsa Lanchester, but she is a shadow, as he is, and he cannot touch her.  He says everyone is made of stardust, “a temporary coagulation of intergalactic dust bunnies.”  He wants to touch somebody and wonders what crime he has committed.  He thinks children are the most terrifying thing because he knows they will never be loved enough, that there will never be any love.  He wonders why people get the comfort of warm flesh while he is trapped.  He says he will fix the bastards by scaring the living crap out of them.  He says he reaches out his claw-like hand to touch “her—(Pause.  Quietly. Sadly.)  Booo.”

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