The setting for Yeti is a tent on a mountain in the Himalayas at night during a snowstorm.  The face of the speaker, Juliet, 30, is illuminated by the light of a lamp beside her.  We hear wind blowing as she tells us that “it” is out there, stalking them.  One by one the others have disappeared.  She thinks they should not have come to the only place “they” have left.  She says it’s a terrible thing to be where you’re not wanted.  She came here because she wanted to be with him, but she was only a warm body to him.  She says she knew something was following them and when she woke up she was alone.  She wonders if “it” is lonely like her.  She says she was never drawn to men who loved her, only to those with a coldness in their eyes.  She wonders if she has come there to die or because she knew something was waiting for her.  She wonders how long “this pathetic bearlike thing” has been up in the cold and whether its loneliness is like hers.  She says she has a dream in which an avalanche covers her and some lost creature lies on top of her, protecting her.  She wonders if she should invite the creature in.  The lamp flickers and goes out, and in darkness we hear the wind.

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