The time of Gringonneur is 1392.  We hear dogs yapping, barking, howling as the painter Gringonneur tells us that the King of France wants him to design a pack of tarot cards like the ones he stole from a gypsy girl.  The King gives the cards, wrapped in a scarf, to Gringonneur, telling him to make a clean version of them and destroy the old ones.  When the painter starts working on the new deck, he finds that the faces on the cards are appearing in his dreams and he can’t get them out of his head.  He hears from the Queen that the King has gone mad and wonders if the madness came from the cards.  He thinks the cards are alive, illustrating some principle of order which is a diagram of the lunacy inside God’s brain.  He says that sometimes he is fine for months, but then his head is on fire again and he runs wildly, lost, through the labyrinth of the palace.  He says he is all the people on the cards and that “the ultimate act of love is to willingly share the madness of another.”  He offers to read our fortune, but all he sees is “unfathomable darkness.”

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