In Muse, Jasmine speaks to a lover, telling him that if she stayed he would always want more than she could give, that he would get tired of her.  She knows he wants her to leave where she is and come to live with him.  She asks, if she is his muse, where is hers?  She says he told her that she was the whole encyclopedia and everything in it, that she is the girl in his head, the Anima Mundi, the last tarot card, the naked girl who is the World.  She says that perhaps there is some reason why he should be worried about her, but that his job is to write while he can because even when she’s gone she is still in his head.  She says she will stay for a little while but will not unpack her clothes.  Perhaps, she says, she could be his muse and he could be hers.  She says she is going to kiss him, or would, but he is not “here.”

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