Just Out the Corner of her Eye

In Just Out the Corner of her Eye, Jasmine tells us that she runs away a lot.  She doesn’t want to, but she feels something closing in on her and, just before it’s about to get her, she runs.  She says she has always seen patterns, signs, but doesn’t know what they mean.  She thinks that God perhaps constructed the universe as a kind of puzzle for humans to solve, but he also may use demons to spy on those who have a special gift for seeing patterns in the fabric of things, and when people get close to the truth the demons come to get them.  She says that when she’s about to find love, or happiness, or peace, convincing herself that no one is spying on her, she always catches a glimpse of the demons, just out of the corner of her eye, and she has to run away.  She thinks that perhaps we all carry force fields around with us, and when these fields touch, interpenetrate, it’s like a lightning storm.  Whenever she begins to feel happy, she hears the demons whispering and sees evidence of their presence everywhere.  She says she is leaving to find a place to hide although she thinks they will always find her.  She says that, for all she knows, “you” could be one of them.  If not, “if you just look quick enough, you can catch a glimpse of them.  Just out the corner of your eye.”

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