The Mountains of the Moon

Jane, in The Mountains of the Moon, is sitting naked under a white sheet on a white table.  She says she is cold and can hear voices from other rooms but she has never had a dream like this.  She remembers a party, someone looking in the window, and splintered panes of glass.  She can’t understand most of what the voices are saying but she remembers having a conversation with someone about humans’ limited understanding of the universe.  She says someone was following her, taking pictures of her.  She dreamed she woke up on the Mountains of the Moon, the source of the Nile, but also a location on the Moon.  She remembers a G. M. Hopkins sonnet about the mind having mountains but she can’t remember who she is.  We hear the sound of a telephone ringing and then stopping.  She thinks she may be pregnant.  She says all dialogue is an illusion.  She says other people are in the room, also naked under sheets and very cold.  Her name, she says, is Jane Doe.  She lies back on the table and pulls the sheet over her body.  She tells “little baby” that God is coming to cut her open and bring her into the light.  She pulls the sheet over her head and the light fades and goes out.

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